About Dan Heath:

Having trained as a classical and jazz pianist for most of his life, Dan expanded on his passion for music to earn two degrees in film scoring and composition. Upon completing his formal education, Dan went on to work for composer Hans Zimmer, followed by Blake Neely. 

Dan is perhaps best known for his work in pop music, having arranged most of the breakout Lana Del Rey album, Born to Die, and the entirety of the successful follow-up, The Paradise Edition. Daniel is credited with producing and co-writing several hit singles, including, Blue Jeans, Ultraviolence, Once Upon a Dream, Bel Air, and the Golden Globe nominated title track for the Tim Burton film, Big Eyes.

Currently Dan has just completed the score for the highly anticipated film “Gully,” directed by Nabil Elderkin. Which will be debuting at the Tribeca Film Festival in 2019.

As an independent artist, his work has been recorded by the Budapest Symphony and the London Symphony Orchestra, as well as featured in several films, television series, and advertisements. A comprehensive list of his extensive work can be found below.